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PEL/VIP Microsoft E-mail

Upon employment into the LTC Division of PEL you will be issued an I-PAD. On this I-PAD will be your Outlook E-mail setup for you and ready to go. This email is our way to communicate with you:

  • Please make sure to check this e-mail daily as it will have important program and company updates and communications
  • It will also serve as our internal communication device for company events and fun facts
  • Microsoft e-mail is HIPPA compliant, so please use this account for any company communications

We provide you with a Microsoft Exchange e-mail account that can also be installed on your home computer/phone/etc. if you wish. One of the benefits of your e-mail is that you have access to parts of online Microsoft office as part of your Microsoft e-mail, so if you install on a laptop or home computer, you can use this as well.

There are also other options for you to explore that come with your account that we may use in the future. One nice thing you have is OneDrive, an account which allows you to save some important personal documents in the cloud for access whenever you log in.

Your Microsoft e-mail should come preset-up on your I-PAD. If it is not, or you need to reset it please follow the directions below.

  1. Download Microsoft Outlook from the Apple App Store.
  2. Click on Icon please sign in with your email address and password. (email and password are on the iPad set up page.)
  3. Follow the steps by entering your e-mail and password (Default password PEL9840VIP)

For Setup on laptop or home computer it is best to go direct on-line to Here you will be able to sign into your account from anywhere you have internet access.