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Meraki is our I-PAD Asset control device. Every PEL I-PAD has this installed and it must remain installed on the I- PAD. This program is used to let us push program updates to the I-PADs. Meraki also serves another very important service for all staff. Inside Meraki is what they call a backpack, This is where you will find everything you need including:

  • In-Service Presentations
  • Employee Manual and Orientation materials
  • Company Directory
  • Insti-comm user manual
  • Patient Education Manual
  • Other In-services and tools
  • Video In-service for the employee to review for their own knowledge

Keep an eye on this as it will constantly update with new information for your use.

To access on I-PAD, Click on [Meraki Icon]

This will bring you to the screen below.

At the bottom of the screen is the backpack ICON, if you click this you will be brought to screen below. On the left is all the documents you will need and will have access too.