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Respiratory Therapist Job Desrciption for Sub Acute Services
Job Summary

PEL Respiratory Therapists (RT) in Sub Acute Services assists with PEL Sub Acute Customer Experience by performing a number of respiratory related duties and responsibilities. The RT will be assigned a regional manager (RM). A quarterly respiratory review (QRT) will occur four times a year with the RM to review your delivarable metrics that will clearly be defined after your initial 90 day probationary period.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Encourage a positive work environment and culture (i.e. The PEL Way) for all clients (staff & patient) and co-workers
  • Manage PEL Customer Experience, measured monthly by: Return to hospital (all-cause & cardiopulmonary), Program Parameter Encounter Rates, time care edit rates, customer surveys and others, as needed
    Send in monthly schedule by the last Tuesday of each month to the clinical liaison at the corporate office
  • Be efficient with insticomm and/or other electrical medical records as needed
  • Respond to inquiries from PEL corporate office, its managers & its officers in a prompt time frame
  • Perform, administer, and assess cardiopulmonary services to include diagnostic, therapeutic, continuous
    and rehabilitative services to patients in skilled and sub acute nursing facilities, assisted living and supportive living facilities & the patients residence pursuant to physicians orders, the Policies & Procedures of Pulmonary Exchange & approved by the PEL customer
  • All clinical initiatiations will be at the discretion of the PEL customer and approved by the regional manager assigned
  • The RT is expected to act in a professional manner and will function according to PELs and its clients Policies & Procedures, and Codes of Conducts
  • The RT shall report to an assignment on time and perform services as ordered in an efficient manner
  • All clinical charting will be performed at the designated facility (skilled and sub acute nursing facilities,
    assisted living and supportive living facilities etc.) before they leave for the day
  • RT is expected to report a work place accident or injury to PEL Immediately
Skills & Qualifications
  • Must be a graduate of an accredidated respiratory school
  • Must be a CRT or RRT and hold an active license in good standing in the state you are working
  • The RT will be in good standing with the National Board of Respiratory Care
  • The RT will Comply with state and federal laws which govern and relate to the practice of respiratory
Dress Code for Sub Acute Services
  • The RT is required to have visible their Pulmonary Exchange photo I.D. at all times within the center or home
  • The RT is required to wear scrubs, color of their choice unless requested by our customer, or business casual with a lab coat
  • No jeans are allowed even if the center is celebrating business casual days. We are consultants at these centers and a stricter guidelines applies
  • No writing on shirts, scrubs and/or scrubs except the Pulmonary exchange logo
  • The RT must wear closed toe shoes at the center. Sandals are not allowed
  • The RT must be compliant with the dress code of the center(s) and our clients
AARC Statement of Ethics and Professional Conduct

In the conduct of professional activities the Respiratory Therapist shall be bound by the following ethical and professional principles. Respiratory Therapists shall:

Demonstrate behavior that reflects integrity, supports objectivity, and fosters trust in the profession and its professionals. Actively maintain and continually improve their professional competence and represent it accurately
Perform only those procedures or functions in which they are individually competent and which are within their scope of accepted and responsible practice
Respect and protect the legal and personal rights of patients they treat, including the right to privacy, informed consent and refusal of treatment
Divulge no protected information regarding any patient or family unless disclosure is required for responsible performance of duty, or required by law
Provide care without discrimination on any basis, with respect for the rights and dignity of all individuals Promote disease prevention and wellness
Refuse to participate in illegal or unethical acts
Refuse to conceal, and will report, the illegal, unethical, fraudulent, or incompetent acts of others Follow sound scientific procedures and ethical principles in research
Comply with state or federal laws which govern and relate to their practice
Avoid any form of conduct that is fraudulent or creates a conflict of interest, and shall follow the principles of ethical business behavior
Promote health care delivery through improvement of the access, efficacy, and cost of patient care Encourage and promote appropriate stewardship of resources
Effective 12/94
Revised 12/07 (1)

(1) Accessed; March 2009


A QRT review with the regional manager assigned reviewing key metrics

  • Rehospitalization Data (all cause and cardiopulmonary RTH rate)
  • Encounter Data ( patient encounters/billed minutes)
  • Insticomm DOS/TOS accurcy rate
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Calendar changes and Call offs