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Mileage Reimbursement Policy:

  • All LTC employees will be paid travel time between facilities
  • This does not include travel time from home to the 1st stop and from the last stop to home
  • All employees will be reimbursed for anything over 60 miles per day
  • Mileage is reimbursed at .45 per mile
  • ALL Mileage will be checked with google maps for accuracy

Portal to portal calls:

  • For any unscheduled calls, all LTC employee will be paid for their travel time and mileage at .45 per mile portal to portal
  • This is the same for after-hours calls
  • All travel time expenses MUST be entered into insticomm
  • We will not go back to pay anything after payday has passed so please make sure all travel time and expenses are recorded