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Trach Recommendations

  1. Trach changes monthly per RT or MD (MD should perform first trach change).
  2. Trach care q nursing shift and PRN.
  3. Change inner cannula q nursing shift and PRN.
  4. Change trach gauze dressing q nursing shift and PRN.
  5. Change trach ties PRN.
  6. Suction trach PRN with a french sterile suction catheter using sterile technique.
  7. Resuscitation bag with mask at bedside (requirement by the state).
  8. Extra same size trach and a size smaller trach at bedside (an extra trach at bedside is required by the state).
  9. Aerosolized humidity to the trach via trach collar.
  10. Change aerosol equipment and tubing every 72 hours or per facility policy.
  11. Venturi device for transport at bedside.
  12. Functional suction machine and suction catheters at patient bedside (requirement by the state).
  13. O2 tank at bedside.

Assessment Tips

*Number all recommendations on all assessments.

*Make all orders as short and direct as possible.

*Fill out assessment sheet in its entirety.

* On the assessment sheet, utilize the section RT procedures/equipment checked to document procedures you have performed or equipment you have provided or confirmed that is present at the patient bedside.

*The respiratory evaluation should contain pertinent and factual data concerning the patient. Refrain from using personal opinions in the assessment.